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Who are we?
Kelly's Pet Care was established in 1999 as a specialized dog care service. Our goal is to provide each dog with exercise, socialization, love, leadership and understanding. Not all dogs have the same exercise needs, so we make sure each dog gets the type of socialization and exercise they need. (Some dogs need vigorous exercise, others need a gentler program.) Our dogs go home happy, healthy and tired!

We have vast experience in working with dogs that have special needs. I.E, obesity, epilepsy, stroke, arthritis, deafness, hip dysplasia and cancer.

We make sure all our dogs are well hydrated and are never exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. All dogs are transported in air-conditioned mini-vans.

Kelly's Pet Care is listed with the DBA, is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and is bonded and insured.

How to contact us
Kelly's Pet Care is owned and operated by Kelly and Ross Levy. We are located in Los Angeles, California. You can E-Mail Us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us for more information, call us at 1(800) 618-5584 or feel free to write us at

Kelly's Pet Care
13029 Victory Blvd, Suite A, #363
North Hollywood, California 91606

How it all began
We started with seven dogs. The original Pack members were Burt, Tucker, Milo, Nicola, Prester, Nellie and Bailey. Nine years later "The Pack" has 60 full time members, as well as numerous Pack "friends" who join us each day. They don't all go at the same time of course. Our daily "Pack" consists of 20-30 dogs a day, Monday through Friday. And we're growing all the time!

Why we do what we do
Why do we love dogs so much? This story explains it all:

STORY-Dogs are known as Man's best friends. To The Indian, the Dog is the symbol of Loyalty and Protection. According to an Indian legend, The Great Creator placed all the Animals, man and The Spirits from the upper worlds together on Earth. When the spirits got ready to leave this world, they drew a line in the dirt. On one side was Man, on the other side the Animals and The Spirits. Just then the line created a great fissure. Soon Man was no longer able to cross over to the Spirit realm. As they stood there the fissure grew and widened. At the very last second, before the fissure was too large to cross, Dog leapt over and stood by man.

For us there is no greater joy than seeing our Pack of dogs at play. We love taking pictures of our dogs enjoying their time together, and here you can see a preview of THIS WEEKS PHOTOS:

New Pack Member Blue
  • New Pack Member Blue
New Pack Member Charlie
  • New Pack Member Charlie
New Pack Member Gary
  • New Pack Member Gary
New Pack Member Gypsy
  • New Pack Member Gypsy
New Pack Member Louis
  • New Pack Member Louis
New Pack Member Luke
  • New Pack Member Luke
New Pack Member Molly
  • New Pack Member Molly
New Pack Member Riley
  • New Pack Member Riley
New Pack Member Robbie
  • New Pack Member Robbie

You can see more new photos and previous week's photos in the PHOTO GALLERY.

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