Taki at two months





It's been two months since we found Taki. She is looking great! She has gained over 10 pounds, and has about 10 more to go. All of her fur has grown back!!! Her tail is filling out, which we did not think would happen. Her body has adjusted to getting real food. But the most important change is that she is now drinking out of the water bowl, which she refused to do for the first two months. It seems she was punished for using the water bowl before as she would cower when she was near it. We were very concerned that she was not getting enough water. But this last week she started to drink from the bowl! We praised her whenever she did, and now she drinks from it all the time. (It's amazing the little things we sometimes take for granted with our dogs.) She has also become very affectionate with us, especially in the mornings. And she has made best friends with two Pack members; Rain and Jimmy. They have taught her the proper way to play with dogs, which she did not know how to do. While we are always proud to see how The Pack welcomes new dogs that they come into contact with at the park, this time it's become perosnal as Rain & Jimmy help our own dog adjust to life among The Pack.

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