Taki at 6 months



It's been 6 months since Taki came into our lives. She seems to have reached her proper weight at 68 pounds. She no longer gobbles her food, and in fact at times is a little finicky. (This is usually not a good thing with dogs, but in this case it proves that she is no longer starving, so it actually makes us a little happy when she does it!) She has become quite the good watchdog, as she makes sure no one gets close to the house with-out letting us know. One of the more important developments lately has been her willingness to venture outside into the fenced back and front yards alone. She also loves to chase squirrels with her sister Sarah. The two of them love to bark at strangers outside. We call them "Starsky & Hutch" because when one barks the other MUST run to join them! She loves people, which is amazing considering the hell someone must have put her through before we got her. The only physical problem left over from her ordeal is the fact that her back legs are still a little weak from muscle atrophy. We do not know if they will ever be at full strengh. She also has a little trouble playing with dogs, since her Shephard instincts kick in and she can get to rough. As a result The Park is too overwhelming both physically & mentally, so she cannot go with The Pack. This seems to suit her fine, as our home is her sanctuary; the place where she is most happy. We think her recovery has been amazing! We just can't love her enough and feel so very blessed that she has come into our lives. The picture we have posted this week is at roughly the same location as the first picture we took of her, so scroll down to see just haw far she has come along!

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