Taki-1 year later



October 27th marked one year since Taki came into our lives. She has come so far! We are so proud of her. She is now 75 pounds, putting on a full 30 pounds. We bealive this is her perfect weight. All of her fur has grown back., and there has been no problems with her skin in months. She eats every day, and her digestive system seems to have returned to normal. The only physical health problems she has is a slightly weakened thyroid and a bit of weakness in her back legs. Mentally she suffers from Canine Compulsive Disorder; she will chew blankets and dog beds. We think this is left over from her attempts to chew her way out of whatever cage or room she was in. (Her teeth are worn down to nubs, an indication of constant chewing on wood or wire.) Even though she chews she is not destructive and is very, very happy! She loves her diblings, and is especially attached to Kelly. (She always has to know where she is in the house at all times.) This makes sense since Kelly found her. Who knew such a beautiful Dog was hidden in that poor, beat-up body. Her spirit is strong as ever. She is a wonderful watchdog as well. There are times we look at her and shake our heads in amazement at how far she has come. It has been an amazing journey and story. To give you a idea of how far she has come we are adding the very first picture we took of her one year ago just below this entry. (To read her entire story scroll to the bottom of this page) We will keep this page up every now and then, But for the most part this completes The Story of Taki. We thank you for sharing it with us.

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