Taki-A year and a half later



We can't believe how the time has flown by since we got our new girl Taki. Her transformation is complete now,and we marvel at how stunning she is, in both looks and personality. She has become Kelly's guardian angel. She watches her every move, and has to know at all times her location. If Ross arrives home before Kelly, Taki will go outside and wait on the front lawn for her to return. When Kelly is home Taki will position herself so she can always see her. At night, when we are asleep, she sleeps in front of the bedroom door, protecting us. We have never seen a more loyal dog, or a more faithful companion. Soon we will be getting a new puppy, and we just know that Taki will be the best teacher we could ever think of! So we will update this page in the next few months as we discover how our girl will react to the new Pup. We thank God every day that he brought her into our lives!!

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