Taki-4 years later



October 2009 marks Taki's fourth year with us. She is an amazing dog. She had a stroke last February, which has made walking more and more difficult. Yet he spirit is as strong as ever. She goes to The Dog park with us now, and she has become on of The Pack leaders. When ever a new dog comes in to The Pack, she is the first one to get up and make sure the new dog poses no danger to the rest of The Pack. Even though she has a hard time walking she never complains, and always wants to walk around and check things out. She and her sister Bailey love each other s lot, and they love to play in the back yard. Bailey is so gentle with her! She always goes on the ground beneath Taki (Called dominant/submissive games), and lets Taki push her over. They can spend hours out back together. We could not have found a better sister for Taki than Bailey! Here they are enjoying some time together.

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