Kelly’s Pet Care was established in 1999 by Kelly Levy who, after being in restaurant management, realized that that was not the way she wished to spend her days. Her most joyous moments were spent on long hikes with her dog Buddy. She realized that there was no better way to spend her day than in the company of dogs. This led to the formation of the business, which started as a single lead dog walking service. One year later Kelly’s Pet care had grown to the point where Kelly needed help. Her husband Ross quit his day job in order to help her part-time while he pursued a writing career. It was only a matter of months before Ross also realized that he enjoyed time with the dogs much more than he enjoyed writing. As the business grew so did Kelly’s and Ross’ dedication and devotion to dogs.

It soon became apparent that an hour-long walk did not give most dogs the exercise and socialization they needed, so they ventured to the local dog park with the seven original pack members (Burt, Tucker, Milo, Nicola, Prester, Bailey and Nellie). Seeing the dogs in a leash free environment, they realized that this was what they were supposed to do with their lives and quickly expanded the business to cater solely to dogs in need of a dog park environment.

What started as a love for dogs has now become a mission to change dogs' lives by giving them not only the best day possible but Ross and Kelly also constantly further their education with seminars and extensive reading by the top dog experts including Dr. Stanley Coren, Dr. Nicolas Dodman, Jean Donaldson, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D., Pat Miller, Dr. Nancy Scanlan DVM, and Turid Rugaas among others.


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