Q) How much does your service cost?
A) We charge $35 for the first dog and $25 for each additional dog in the household.

Q) How long have you been in business?
A) Kelly's Pet Care opened in 1999.

Q) How did you start?
A) See "About us" elsewhere on this web site.

Q) How many dogs do you take to the park each day?
A) We take between 20-30 dogs a day.

Q) Not all at one time?
A) Yes. All at one time.

Q) How do you control 20-30 dogs in an open environment? How do you keep them together? Don't they run everywhere?
A) We have a protocol each dog must follow in order to become a "Pack Member." We stay in one area, and we train the dogs to stay with us. Dogs are pack animals, and they seek the company, comfort and security of their pack. Our dogs have forged their own "Pack", so they stay close to each other and us. A new dog must respond to calls on command, and after a day or two they become acclimated to their new Pack and us.

Q) That's a lot of dogs to keep track of. Have you ever forgotten a dog at the park?
A) Absolutely not! We have a checklist, and each dog is checked off as they are loaded into the vans, and then we check them off again before we leave.

Q) Don't your dogs fight with each other?
A) No. We do not take overly dominant or aggressive dogs. Dogs eliciting any of the following aggressive tendencies cannot become a pack member; Dominance, Possessive, Competitive, Fear, Protective, Territorial, Maternal, Inter-Male, Predatory, or Idiopathic. We have a "one-bite" policy. Any dog that bites another dog is no longer invited to be a pack member.

Q) Could my dog escape from the park?
A) No. The park is completely fenced in. We exercise the dogs towards the back of the park, away from the main entrance.

Q) What happens if my dog gets injured while in your care at the park? (IE Bitten by another dog, hurts a leg while playing, etc.) Can you guarantee that he won't get injured?
A) We cannot guarantee that your dog will not get hurt, anymore than a school can guarantee that a child will not get hurt on the playground. But if your dog does get injured we carry a first-aid kit. If veterinary attention is needed he or she will be taken to the Vet immediately.

Q) Will my dog ever be off-lead outside the park?
A) No. When we pick-up your dog he or she will be taken from your house to our vans On-lead. When we arrive at the park your dog will always be on-lead until we enter the park. When we drop your dog off he or she will once again be brought to your house from the vans on-lead.

Q) Do you ever take dogs that don't work out?
A) It is not always possible to see if a dog will work out immediately. It may take a day or two. By that time we will know if this is a situation that is right for your dog. An off-lead dog park may not be the right environment for every dog.

Q) How do you transport the dogs? Do we drop them off someplace?
A) Our service includes both pick-up and drop-off at your house or apartment. We have two Ford Econoline Vans we had custom built for the dogs. To see what the vans look like, refer to the intro video.

Q) How can 10-15 dogs get along in the back of a van without fighting?
A) Our pack is extremely close, and the pack hierarchy has been firmly established. Thus it's simply not in their nature to fight with one another. They look forward to seeing each other, and often the vans become a sort of "moving playground" with pack members happily playing together. We only take a certain amount of dogs in each van, so it is never over loaded.

Q) Won't my dog be overwhelmed on his first day in the back of your van with 10 to 15 dogs he doesn't know?
A) New dogs get to sit up front with us for their first few park trips. There is a gate separating the front and the back of the vans so dogs can sniff one another and get to know one another in an environment where he or she feels safe. They let us know when they are ready to join their new pack members in the back.

Q) My dog has a special physical need (I.E., Diabetic, Epilepsy, stroke victim, has had a leg removed, etc.) Can he or she still go to the park with you? How can you handle he or she with all the other dogs?
A) We take a variety of dogs with special needs. We have worked with dogs who have epilepsy, diabetes as well as three-legged dogs. We had a pack member who had a stroke several years ago and has only partial mobility. These dogs are given the extra attention they require, but are never treated as if they are "different." Because there are two of us, if one dog requires special assistance one of us is always able to provide such assistance while the other entertains the rest of the pack. (Check out Alex in action in the Video Gallery!)

Q) What would a typical day be like for my dog?
A) We begin our pick-ups at 9:00 am. We usually pick-up our last dog between 11:00am and 11:15 am. We arrive at the park between 11:00am and 11:15 am, and play with the dogs between 2 1/2 and 3 hours. We then wash and dry any dogs who have gotten dirty, and load the dogs into the vans. Drop offs run between 3:00pm and 5:30 pm.

Q) What happens if it rains?
A) We operate rain or shine.

Q) This sounds great! How can I start? Do you service my area?
A) If you are interested in Kelly's Pet Care, E-Mail us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1(800) 618-5584.

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